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Sandy's story

Sandy and Ken’s gift to future generations

Ken and Sandy Pemberton posing for a photo

Sandy was diagnosed with Cystinuria in 1971, a genetic condition, but for Sandy, there was no link to anyone else in the family. Cystinuria is primarily characterized by a build up of the amino acid, cystine, in the kidneys and bladder. This leads to the formation of cystine crystals and/or stones which may block the urinary tract. Sandy maintained her health through lifestyle modification for 30 years, having been treated by the same Nephrologist for 50 years at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. In 2011, Sandy had laser treatment to remove stones, and this was the last time she has needed treatment.

She maintains her kidney health by drinking adequate water, having regular urinary tests and her cystine levels are stable. Ken and Sandy have decided to leave a gift in their Will to Kidney Health Australia, to raise awareness of the importance of kidney health, and in particular to raise awareness and find new treatment options for Cystinuria.

“We have both included Kidney Health Australia in our Wills, as I believe Cystinuria is a burden for anybody to have and investigating new ideas and treatment options would be good.”, Sandy says.

A gift to Kidney Health Australia in one’s Will, is a kind and generous commitment to future generations, meaning that vital programs and services can continue for people affected by kidney disease and critical research into new treatment options can progress.

For more information about leaving a gift in your Will, please contact Roberta Armitage, Bequest Manager on 03 9674 4383 or [email protected]

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Leaving a bequest to Kidney Health Australia will contribute to the valuable work of Kidney Health Australia, and the kidney community of Australia. Learn how you can make an impact.

Kidney transplant recipient, Twanny Farrugia, posing for a photo